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Thank you for helping to make the COVID-19 Pediatric Research Webinar a success!

Keynote Speakers included Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD and Anne Kimball, MD, MPH, with additional internal speakers including Evan J. Anderson, MD, Stefan G. Sarafianos, PhD, and Mehul S. Suthar, PhD

This event drew over 200 registrants! Read what some of them valued most about the webinar below:

  • "The speakers were excellent"
  • "It included the latest information and developments, provided good high-level information as well as practical details."
  • "Great to have a better understanding of the current research areas."
  • "Peter Hotez and summary of current stats from Anne Kimball. Mehul Suthar is fantastic. Loved the ability to watch remotely - this enabled me to listen to the entire event."
  • "Well roundedness of things discussed. Not just the science but also policy and other things related to topic."
  • "Very informative and provided most up-to-date information on COVID-19."
  • "The opportunity to hear from an internationally recognized expert, Dr. Hotez."
  • "CDC talk related to COVID in children and population and vaccination development"

We're so sorry if you missed it. The webinar was not recorded due to unpublished data that was presented. 

December 2022 Newsletter 

In this issue: 

  • Farewell to Evan Anderson
  • RSV Advances
  • COVID-19 Variants
  • Ongoing Trials
  • CCIV Research Retreat
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Resources and Events



June 2022 Newsletter 

In this issue: 

Grand Rounds Recap
Improving Patient Care for Adolescents Living with HIV
Improving Influenza Vaccines
Junior Faculty Spotlight: Manish Sharma
Awards and Accomplishments
Resources and Events



December 2021 Newsletter

  • 2021 Symposium Recap
  • Feature: COVID-19 & MIS-C
  • Profile: The COVID-19 Vaccine Research Clinic 
  • Research Highlights
    • HIV
    • SARS-CoV-2
    • RSV
    • Influenza
    • Arenavirus
  • Awards & Accomplishments
  • Events & Resources



December 2020 Newsletter

  • Feature: COVID-19 Webinar
  • In the News
  • Publications
  • Awards
  • Events
  • Resources

April 2020 Newsletter

  • Feature: COVID-19
    • COVID-19 Preparedness at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Andi Shane
    • CCIV Response to COVID-19
  • Research: Publication Highlights
    • Identification of Effective Strategies to “Shock” HIV Out of Latency as an Important Step Toward Curative Therapies - Maud Mavigner
    • A Review: Viral Interactions with Bacteria - Bernardo Mainou
  • Lab Profile: Melikian Lab - Greg Melikian
  • Awards: Tooting Our Horn
    • 2019  Notable Accomplishments
    • Promotions
    • Awards/Accomplishments
  • Events:
    • Save-the-Date
    • Resources


December 2019 Newsletter

  • Feature: 2019 CCIV Symposium Recap
  • Research: Publication Highlights
    • A Role for ADCC Antibodies in Protection against Neonatal HSV Infection - Carol Kao
    • Next-Generation Sequencing as a DiaHow Maternal HCMV Facilitates In utero Transmission of HIV and Impacts the Developing- Erica L. Johnson
    • A Novel Approach to Target HIV Persistence: Limiting the Proliferation of Longlived Memory CD4+T-Cells In vivo - Maud Mavigner
  • Profile: Brian Zanoni
  • Awards: Tooting Our Horn
    • Grants Awarded
  • Events: Save the Date


September 2019 Newsletter

  • Feature: Goodbye Summer, Hello Inspiration
  • Research: Publication Highlights
    • Understanding the Impact of a Child's Very First Exposure to Influenza Vaccination or Infection - Jens Wrammert
    • Assessing Intra-Lab Precision and Inter-Lab Repeatability of Outgrowth Assays of HIV-1 Latent Reservoir Size by Rosenbloom et al. - Deanna Kulpa
    • Next-Generation Sequencing as a Diagnostic Modality for Unexplained Encephalitis in Children - Christina Rostad and Andi Shane
    • A Role for Cross-Reactive DENV Antibodies in Seeding ZIKV Infection Within the Placenta - Mehul Suthar
  • Profile: Evan Anderson
  • Awards: Tooting Our Horn
    • Grants Awarded
  • Events: Save the Date


June 2019 Newsletter

  • Feature: Welcome Message from CCIV Center Director
  • Research: Publication Highlights
    • Fusion Inhibitions of Interferon-induced Transmembrace Proteins - Gregory Melikian
    • Invasive Haemophilus Influenzae Infections in Children with Sickle Cell Disease - Inci Yildirim
  • Profiles: New Members
    • Ashwanth Francis
    • Carol Kao
  • Awards: Tooting Our Horn
    • 2019 Annual Southeastern Pediatric Conference - CCIV Poster Presenters
    • Grants Awarded
    • Doctor's Day Awards
  • Events: Save the Date



December 2018 Newsletter

  • CCIV Symposium recap and photos
  • Recent Publication Highlights
    • VTEU and E. Anderson Lab
    • Shane Lab
    • Suthar Lab
  • Junior Faculty Profiles
    • Maud Mavigner
    • Erica Johnson
  • Recent publications


July 2018 Newsletter

  • Welcome from new director, Ann Chahroudi, MD, PhD
  • Recent publications
  • Publication highlights
    • Melikian lab
    • Mainou lab
    • Rostad lab
  • 2018 Pilot Awardees
  • 2018 Southeastern Pediatric Research Conference highlights



December 2017 Newsletter

  • Symposium Highlights
  • Recent publication highlights from Wrammert Lab and Camacho-Gonzalez Lab
  • Recent publications


June 2017 Newsletter

  • Chakraborty & Suthar U01 Grant
  • Recent publication highlights from Wright Lab and Cranmer Lab
  • Recent publications



December 2016 Newsletter

  • Ann Chahroudi and Bernardo Mainou grant highlights
  • Recent publication highlights


May 2016 Newsletter

  • Faculty Profile: Andi Shane, MD
  • New Faculty Profile: Inci Yildirim, MD
  • Recent Publication Highlights



December 2015 Newsletter

  • Clinical Fellow Research Highlight: Christina Rostad, MD
  • Faculty Profile: Bernardo Mainou, PhD
  • Faculty Profile: Elizabeth Wright, PhD
  • Publication highlights
  • New Sony SH800 Cell Sorter in the Flow Cytometry Core


August 2015 Newsletter

  • Ebola Vaccine Contract
  • Faculty Profile: Mark Prausnitz, PhD
  • Faculty Profile: Philip Santangelo, PhD


March 2015 Newsletter

  • Deborah Persaud Visit
  • Faculty Profile: Jens Wrammernt, PhD
  • New OMX Blaze microscope in the Integrated Cellular Imaging Core



November 2014 Newsletter

  • RSV work in the VTEU
  • Faculty Profile: Jumi Yi, MD
  • ICGEB-Emory Vaccine Center partnership
  • Pilot Grant Program Success
  • Faculty Profile: Lisa Cranmer, MD


May 2014 Newsletter

  • Tracey Lamb NIH Director's New Innovator Award
  • Marty Moore 2013 Innovation of the Year Award
  • Research Profiles:
    • Rift Valley Fever virus and the McElroy Lab
    • HIV and the Chahroudi Lab
    • Flaviviruses and the Suthar Lab

4th CCIV Annual Symposium - October 16, 2019


3rd CCIV Annual Symposium - October 17, 2018


2nd CCIV Annual Symposium - October 4, 2017


1st CCIV Annual Symposium - October 19, 2016