Dr. Miller’s research is focused on obtaining a better understanding of adverse events of anti-cancer therapy in order to describe who is more likely to have toxicities and ultimately provide data that can be used to reduce toxicities of future therapies.  Her long-term goals are: 1) to improve the current system of adverse event reporting in order to enhance how clinical trials are performed, and 2) to perform research in supportive care that will improve daily clinical care of and guidance for children with cancer. Her prior work, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found global under-reporting of adverse events on cooperative oncology group clinical trials for pediatric acute myeloid leukemia using the current manual system of adverse event identification. These results indicate that clinicians, researchers and patients do not have an accurate understanding of true rates of toxicities of chemotherapy due to lack of accurate data in the published literature.

Her current primary research aims to develop a novel approach to adverse event ascertainment that will be more accurate and efficient than the current system used on cooperative oncology group clinical trials. This new approach uses electronic health record data to capture adverse events of therapy. She and her collaborators have developed a method that successfully and accurately identifies laboratory-based AEs and they are currently working to implement this series of code at a number of hospitals across the United States. She is also working to develop an automated system that identifies complex adverse events. The results of this work will provide clinicians with a more accurate understanding of adverse events during chemotherapy that can guide clinical decisions and discussions with patients and families and can be used as baseline comparisons during testing of novel experimental agents.

Nicholas DeGroote, MPH

Role: Research Epidemiologist

Email: nicholas.degroote@choa.org

Zachary West, Medical Student, Emory University

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National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health- K07CA211956-01A1 - 2017-Present

2017 – Present, Improving adverse event reporting on cooperative oncology group trials, K07 Cancer Prevention, Control, Behavioral Sciences, and Population Sciences Career Development Award

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