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Recipients of the 2021 Clinton Joiner Career Development Awards:

Recipients of the Clinton Joiner Career Development Awards:

Best Basic Science Oral Presentation

  • Antenatal Butyrate Supplementation Reduces Postnatal Gastrointestinal Injury in a Murine Model of Colitis 
    Barbian, Maria;
    Owens, Joshua; Naudin, Crystal; Denning, Patricia; Patel, Ravi; and Jones, Rheinallt.

Best Basic Science Poster Presentation

  • F5-Atlanta: A novel mutation in F5 associated with enhanced East Texas splicing and FV-short production
    Zimowski, Karen;
    Petrillo, Teodolinda; Ho, Michelle D;  Wechsler Julie; Shields Jordan; Denning, Gabriela Denning; Jhita, Navdeep; Rivera, Angel A; Escobar Miguel A; Kempton, Christine L; Camire, Rodney M; and Doering Christopher B.

Best Clinical & Outcomes Research Oral Presentation

  • Complement Activation during Vaso-Occlusive PainCrisis in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease 
    Yoo, Justin;
    Graciaa, Sara; Jones, Jayre; Zuo, Zoey; Arthur, Connie; Leong, Traci; Joiner, Clinton; Stowell, Sean; and Chonat, Satheesh

Best Clinical & Outcomes Research Poster Presentation

  • Feasibility of the Virtual Reality (VR) based  Pediatric Display Enhanced Testing for Cognitive Impairment (PeDETECT) and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) tool to assess concussion in the pediatric emergency department (ED)
    Grell, Robert;
    LaPlaca, Michelle; Wright, David; Simon, Harold K.; Yu, Austin; Hurley, Dylan; Murthy, Naina; Kulkarni, Megha; Santos, Justin; Sarnaik, Avnee; Waldon, Emma; Zafar, Farzina; Egbosiuba, Maureen; and Morris, Claudia R

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