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2012 EECRC Seed Grant Program Awardees Named

Funded EECRC Seed Grants for year 2012

Guiying Cui, MD/PhD, Pediatrics, PACS

“Revealing human CFTR pore architecture and function by studying and comparing murine CFTR”


Tim Denning, PhD, Pediatrics, Neonatology

“Role of secondary lymphoid organs in the regulation of intestinal inflammation”


Guoliang Ding, MD/PhD, Pediatrics, CRC

“Neonatal cardioprotection from ischemia reperfusion injury by PPAR-gamma regulation of calcium handling”


Natasha Esiashvili, MD, Radiation Oncology

Co-investigators: Carla Berg, PhD; Ann Mertens, PhD

“Barriers to continued care and health-maintenance behaviors among young adult cancer survivors”


Shannon Gourley, PhD, Pediatrics, Marcus/Autism

“Treating adolescent addiction by targeting adolescent neuronal ontogeny”


Tracey Lamb, PhD, Pediatrics, ID

“Demonstration that ephrin ligands on CD4+ T cells bind to Eph receptors and are differentially expressed on CD4+ T cell subsets”


Sujin Lee, PhD, Pediatrics, ID

“Eliciting protective CD8 T cell responses against Respiratory Syncitial Virus”


Rabindra Tirouvanziam, PhD, Pediatrics, PACS

Co-investigators: Arlene Stecenko, MD; Assem Ziady, PhD; Eberhard Voit, PhD

“Neutrophil lifespan in CF airways: in vivo measurement by D2O pulse/chase”


Mark Wulkan, MD, Pediatrics, Surgery

“Cardiaplication as an alternative to Nissen Fundoplication in infants less than one year old”


Susu Zughaier, PhD, Pediatrics, PACS

“Dysfunctional iron-limiting innate immune defenses in cystic fibrosis”