Center for Childhood Infections and Vaccines Virtual Symposium


Annual Symposium coordinated by the Center for Childhood Infections and Vaccines.

This year's agenda is:

Morning Keynote

  • 9:00am, Marina Caskey, MD, The Rockefeller University

Short Talks

  • 9:50am: Greg Melikian, PhD
  • 10:15am: Lisa Cranmer, MD, MPH
  • 10:40am: Break
  • 10:50am: Satoshi Kamidani, MD
  • 11:15am: Anne Piantadosi, MD, PhD
  • 11:40am: Jens Wrammert, PhD

Afternoon Keynote

  • 1:00pm, Alessandro Sette, Dr. Bio. Sci., La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Featured topics will be HIV, COVID-19, and Influenza. There will also be Meet & Greets before and after the event for trainees to interact with each keynote speaker. 

Full program to follow. Registration required. Pease click on "RSVP" below to register.

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