Dedicated Clinical Research Facilities

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Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) - formerly the PRC

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) is the pediatric clinical interaction research site of the Geogia Clinical and Translational Science Institute (GaCTSI). The unit is located on the 5th floor of the Center for Advanced Pediatrics and will improve the ability of pediatric researchers to perform innovative research while providing patients and their families with increased access to leading-edge clinical trials. The Children’s Pediatric Clinical Research Unit is available for patients coming to Children’s for research visits. Depending on the particular research study, participants visit either the outpatient or inpatient unit. The Children’s research team works closely with care providers throughout each research visit.

Children’s Pediatric Clinical Research Unit is designed to provide the necessary infrastructure for investigators conducting pediatric clinical research. Located at Children’s Center for Advanced Pediatrics (CAP) and at Egleston, the facilities and services include:

  • A six-bed outpatient research unit at CAP
  • A two-bed outpatient unit at Egleston (for those studies requiring imaging not available at CAP)
  • A four-bed inpatient research unit
  • A core research lab
  • A research pharmacy
  • Bionutrition services

For complete information, visit the PCRU website.

1405 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30322

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Emory Children's Center Research Unit (ECC-RU)

ECC-RU is located on the first floor of the Emory-Children’s Center Building, within the Children’s Specialty Services Clinic. It is Emory University space, managed by the Department of Pediatrics. The ECC-RU is dedicated to clinical research activities and is available for IRB approved protocols conducted by Emory or its academic partners. The unit contains a research staff work room, 2 exam rooms and 1 interview room, which is also equipped for phlebotomy.

The ECC-RU is self-service. Once an appointment is booked in the dedicated on-line scheduling system, the IRB status is verified and the study team is given badge access to the workroom, where room keys are kept. The study staff is responsible for all subject interactions, including informing the subject of the visit and escorting them to the unit. The rooms are equipped with basic supplies: gloves, sharps containers, foaming hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Anything else will need to be provided by the study team and the room must be cleaned after use. The PI is responsible for overseeing the research activities performed and insuring all staff is appropriately trained and credentialed.

Please note: CHOA IDS does not dispense to the ECC-RU


2015 Uppergate Drive Atlanta, GA 30322
1st Floor, Rooms: 148D, 150A, 150B, and 150C

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Investigational Drug Services (IDS)

CHOA Investigation Drug Services

  • Pharmacy expertise for researcher protocol planning, set-up and initiation
  • Drug inventory ordered and maintained by sponsor, state and federal requirements
  • Drug information fact sheets for pharmacy and nursing staff to fit researcher protocol needs
  • Investigational medications compounded and dispensed per protocol requirements


Egleston Campus: Jim Rhodes, PharmD, Phone: 404-785-1281

Scottish Rite Campus: Jane Chen,  PharmD, Phone: 404-785-0342

Emory Investigational Drug Services

The Investigational Drug Service (IDS) is an integral part of the research process at Emory University. IDS is responsible for insuring that research drugs are handled and dispensed according to protocol, and has implemented systems to insure that drug studies are handled correctly and efficiently.

For complete information, please visit the Emory IDS website.

Susan Rogers, RPh, Research Pharmacist

Philip Powers, Pharmacist at Grady