AFLOAT Program (Training process for research assistants/pool of research interns)

Looking a well-trained research assistant but don’t have time to interview or have limited funds? Look no further than the AFLOAT (Utilizing Undergraduate and Graduate Interns As Clinical Research FLOating AssisTants) program; designed specifically to support PIs and keep them afloat!

AFLOAT formalizes the training process for research assistants and creates a research assistant pool of interns from the undergraduate and graduate body of students at Emory University and makes them available for hire for short term projects. This program is specifically tailored to assist faculty who have limited funding, need short-term research assistance, or have a long-term need that is not substantial enough to warrant hiring a fulltime coordinator. Interns benefit by gaining a skill set that makes them more marketable if they chose to engage in a clinical research career and providing them with an opportunity to engage with faculty as they determine their career paths. Both researchers and interns benefit because interns will have increased confidence and competency.

Intern availability is limited and is on a first come first serve basis for PIs. PIs are responsible for the portion 30% portion of salary for students hired through the Federal Work Study (FWS) program or 100% of the salary if not in the FWS program. A very limited number of volunteers are also available. Interns are available in August, January, and May of each calendar year. The first cohort of interns will be available in January 2018. To request an intern, please send the following information to Margret Kamel,

  • PI Name
  • PI Division
  • Duration intern needed (should not exceed 6 months; if needed for more than 6 months, indicate how long)
  • Additional requirements (ex. Graduate level, health science major, data entry skill, etc) you may have

For additional information, please contact the AFLOAT liaison, Margret Kamel,