Research IT Information & Exchange Series

Goal: To educate pediatric researchers on the research IT and informatics resources and expertise available to facilitate their research and to identify areas where we can enhance IT methods to better support research.

Format: One hour sessions led by subject matter experts to present information on the current services and expertise available.

Intended audience: Researchers with an interest in capitalizing on research IT tools to make their research better.  Also, researchers who are interested in using Big Data and Healthcare Analytic approaches in their research.

Held Friday, March 10, 2017

Resources highlighted:

  • i2b2=Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside
  • Pop Disco=Children’s Population Discovery tool for Epic
  • Data resources at Georgia Tech, inlcuding OHDSI=Observational Health Data Science and Informatics collaboration

Recording of Topic 1 Session

Slides from Topic 1 Session

Held Friday, March 17, 2017

Resources highlighted:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • ​REDCap including REDCap Mobile App
  • ​LabKey

Recording of Topic 2 Session

Slides from Topic 2 Session

Held March 24, 2017

Learn about using different clinical datasets in your research.  Included in the discussion:

  • Children's Clinical Data Warehouse
  • Hadoop
  • Medicaid data at GT

Recording of Topic 3 Session

Slides from Topic 3 Session

Held April 7, 2017

Resources highlighted included:

  • Pediatric Biostatistics Core
  • Emory SPH Resources including the BCC
  • CHOA Consultative Analysts
  • REAL Program
  • Graduate Students at GT

Recording of Topic 4 Session

Slides from Topic 4 Session

Held April 14, 2017

Resources highlighted:

  • Freezer monitoring
  • ​Equipment software
  • Data storage
  • Data sharing
  • LabKey 

Recording of Topic 5 Session

Slides from Topic 5 Session

Held on April 28, 2017

Discussed suitable collaborators and specific areas of expertise in Atlanta based institutions and highlighted and discussed best practices in these types of collaborations.

Recording of Topic 6 Session

Slides from Topic 6