Fellow & Resident Research Funds

Congratulations to the 2018 Fellow Research Fund Awardees! Please click here for the news announcement.

  1. Fellow Research Fund
    • For MD and MD/PhD fellows within the Department of Pediatrics or in an academic department within The Pediatric Center, Inc.* Typical applicants are late 1st year and early 2nd year fellows, but any stage MD and MD/PhD fellow may apply.
    • Budget:
      • Maximum of $5,000 for one year may be requested, but smaller budget requests are encouraged
      • Dollars requested must be well justified
      • Possibility for second year of funding based on demonstrated progress
  2. Resident Research Fund
    • For medical residents within the Department of Pediatrics. Typical applicants are 2nd and 3rd year residents, but any pediatric resident may apply.
    • Budget:
      • Maximum of $2,500 for one year may be requested, but smaller budget requests are encouraged
      • Dollars requested must be well justified
      • Possibility for second year of funding based on demonstrated progress

The most recent application deadline was Friday, November 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM. Applications are not currently being accepted.

*The Pediatric Center, Inc. is the Emory-Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta clinical partnership that includes Emory faculty providing clinical service at Children’s through the formalized lease arrangement.

The most recent application deadline was Friday, November 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM. Applications are not currently being accepted.


Applications must include separate PDF files for each of the following items:

  • NIH-style biosketches for the principal investigator and mentor(s)
  • Specific aims/research goals (max. 1 page)
  • Methods/experimental design (max. 2 pages plus references)

Applications also must include:

  • Impact and relevance to child health (2-4 sentences)
  • Brief explanation for how the funds will facilitate your research objectives
  • Project time period, detailed line item budget in required Excel template, and detailed budget justification
  • The end product that will communicate the results of the project. This could be presenting an abstract at a regional or national meeting in your field, a manuscript or even a resulting grant application to further the research project.

All applications must be submitted online at the following links:

Required Budget Templates

Biosketch Resources

Pediatric Cores - Use of a pediatric core is strongly encouraged. Please visit this link for information about available resources and costs.

Examples & Boilerplates

Helpful Presentations

1) Framing the Research Question by Dr. Ravi Patel - Presentation & Slides

2) Preparing Your CV and Biosketch by Dr. Stacy Heilman - Presentation & Slides

3) Preparing Your Biosketch by Dr. Stacy Heilman - Presentation

  • The end product specified in the application (i.e. presentation, manuscript, grant application or other deliverable) must be completed by the end of the training program period and reported to the Emory Department of Pediatrics fellowship and residency program coordinators.
  • The Fellow Research Fund or Resident Research Fund must be acknowledged in all presentations, publications and written products. Please use this statement: "This research was supported by the Emory University Department of Pediatrics and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta."
  • The principal investigator must respond in a timely manner to all requests for project updates.
  • The principal investigator must submit the project for presentation at Departmental Resident/Fellowship Research Day activities.

Fellow and Resident Research Fund applications are reviewed and selected based on the NIH grant application scoring system.

Please click here to view an explanation of how this system has been adapted for use with the Fellow and Resident Research Funds. 

1) For what types of research may these grants be used?

  • Funds may be used for any type of child health-related research, including basic, clinical, translational, and outcomes research.

2) What is the difference between a mentor and co-mentor?  

  • The mentor is your primary sponsor for research.
  • A co-mentor provides knowledge and resources instrumental to completion of your research project.

3) Which biosketch template should I use? 

  • Use the fellowship version of the biosketch.
  • Scholastic Performance (section D) is NOT required for this application.

4) Who can help me with my budget?

  • Fellows should contact their division's financial analyst for help preparing their budget. Contact Amelia Randall to find out who your financial analyst is.
  • Residents should contact Amelia Randall for help with their budgets.

5) What can I include in my budget?

  • You may include whatever is necessary to accomplish your research EXCEPT travel, computers and general lab equipment. Small equipment or technologies used exclusively for the proposed research project may be considered with strong justification.
  • Common expenses to include in a research project budget include but are not limited to:
    • Personnel (e.g. research coordinator time, data entry assistance)
    • Laboratory supplies
    • Clinical research costs (e.g. patient engagement fees)
    • Core services
    • Instrument fees (e.g. fees associated with using a validated scale)
    • Publication costs.
  • It is critical that each budget component be well-justified. A good budget justification clearly explains how the funds will be used in the proposed research project and why they are necessary to complete the project.

6) Can I use a core located at another institution?

  • Yes! While we encourage you to use cores in the Emory Department of Pediatrics or other departments at Emory, you may include cores from other institutions.

7) Do I need to notify RAS of my intent to submit an application?

  • No, you do not need to notify RAS of your application.

8) Is there someone who can review and provide feedback on my application before I submit it?

  • Yes, the Department of Pediatrics Grant Editing and Manuscript Support (GEMS) Core can review and assist with editing your application. Requests received at least 2 weeks before the grant application deadline are guaranteed to be reviewed and edited. You may submit a request less than two weeks before the grant application deadline, but staff may not have time to review your request and the amount of editing will be less than if you submitted it earlier.

9) Do I need an an eRA Commons ID to apply for a Fellow or Resident Research Fund award?

  • No, you do not need an eRA Commons ID. You may leave that section of the biosketch blank.

10) My project involves human subjects research that is covered under a pre-existing approved IRB protocol for a larger study. What IRB information should I submit?

  • Complete all IRB questions on the application.
  • Upload a copy of the approved IRB protocol and highlight the content related to your project.

11) My project uses human specimens collected under a protocol for a different study that included a statement in the consent form that gave permission for the specimens to be used for future research. Is my project still considered human subjects research?

  • Yes, your project is still considered human subjects research.
  • Answer yes to the human subjects question and complete all IRB fields on the application.
  • Highlight the portion of the IRB protocol that specifically relates to your project, including the statement in the consent form that gives permission for the specimens to be used for future research.

General Application Questions

Jennifer Villaseñor, RN
Lead Program Coordinator 

Grant Writing Questions

Stacy Heilman, PhD
Director, Pediatric Research Operations