The Pediatric Heart Diseases Data Registry Core provides access to rich registry data from surgical, catheter-based and electrophysiologic studies and interventions for multiple pediatric heart diseases. The data represent over 300,000 event outcomes and have been collected from over 140,000 patients since 1982.

This core provides consultation assistance and can run queries and compile data for research investigators wishing to perform outcome studies related to pediatric heart diseases. All requests will be subject to review/approval to ensure match with an outcomes research scope and to ensure all compliance requirements are met.

Collection of these data were made possible by the Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium (PCCC), a non-profit foundation whose mission is to improve the lives of patients with pediatric acquired and congenital heart disease by answering key questions about diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes, and thereby empower patients, families, clinicians, and policy-makers to make informed decisions and improve quality of care. Dr. Lazaros Kochilas, President of PCCC, will review all data requests submitted to the core and will provide approval contingent upon meeting specified criteria, including confirmation of proper scope of data use (i.e. outcomes research) and adherence to all compliance related requirements.

Learn more about the PCCC here.

Rates are per unit and based on the complexity of the project, which includes data size, technical assistance to run queries, compile the data, assist in analysis, provide project guidance, oversight and administrative responsibilities. The final estimate, which will done by calculating the total units required for the project, will be provided by Dr. Kochilas after a review of the aims and scope of the proposed outcomes research. External projects will add a 10% administrative fee.

  • Small Project: $4,803, external rate at $5,284
  • Medium Project: $14,403, external rate at $15,843
  • Large Project: $24,002, external rate at $26,403

Please contact Amanda Thomas to discuss using the PCCC database.

Please submit the Data Request and Research Proposal Form to Amanda Thomas.

Once you have discussed your project, before accessing the database you will need to complete a Data Use Agreement. You will be directed to use this form when necessary.