The following links provide excellent web based training to aid you in getting the most out of your flow cytometry experiments:

To request training please login to PPMS, choose the Request Tab and select the appropriate choice for training.

Pediatric Flow Cytometry Core Training Policy

Complementary training for independent equipment use is provided for all users who are active users of the Pediatric Flow Cytometry Core. Allocations are as follows:

Three 1.5 hour training sessions for analyzer use (including LSR, Canto and Cytoflex)
Three 1.5 hour training sessions for Sony Sorter use

Please note:

Only personal assistance time is complimentary; equipment usage during training is billed at the full rate.
Additional training time exceeding these allocations will be charged at the assisted rate.
If trained users do not make use of the equipment they were trained upon within 3 months of their last training date, they will be retroactively charged for all hours used.

Commercial Training Opportunities

Please see the folloiwng links for some highly reccommended commercial courses (Paid):