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New Heart Gives Georgia Two-Year Old a Second Chance at Life

Two-year-old Kinsley Keeling lives like she's making up for lost time.  "Her enjoyment of life is so pure, and so exuberant, all the time," says Mary Beth Keeling, Kinsley's mother.  Keeling says it's almost as if her youngest daughter can sense, at her tender age that this is her second chance.  "It's surreal," says her mother.  "And, it's almost like that chapter of her life is closed.  And, that fear, it's nice to not live with that every day."

Mary Beth and Micah Keeling had no idea what lay ahead when Kinsley was born healthy in Cincinnati in the fall of 2014.  "She was an amazingly beautiful little 5-pound baby in November," Mary Beth Keeling says.  "And, we took her home with her big sister and had a glorious 10 days as a family of 4."

Then Kinsley suddenly stopped nursing. Tests showed she'd picked up a stomach virus that should not have been a big deal. "But because she was just so tiny, and had zero immune system as an infant, it just went wild in her body," her mother says.  The virus attacked Kinsley's heart. Almost overnight, it began to falter.


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