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Aline Yonezawa Receives BME Outstanding Departmental Service Award

Six graduate students and one faculty advisor were honored at this year’s third annual BME Graduate Awards event hosted by the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory.  The Outstanding Departmental Service Award went to Aline Yonezawa. This award honors a graduate student who has demonstrated leadership or has provided academic support within the Department.  In addition to being the head graduate student recruitment leader for the annual BME recruitment visit, Yonezawa serves on the BME graduate committee and is active in the Diversity and Inclusion climate study.

“Aline does just about everything imaginable for the department,” said Mike Davis, her advisor, and also the BME associate chair for graduate studies. “She never hesitates to throw her hat in when help is needed.”

Shannon Sullivan, BME’s academic program manager, added, “she has helped voice the opinion and experiences of her classmates to better understand the climate we have in our department.”

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