Experimental Models Support Core

The CF@LANTA RDP Experimental Models Core is directed by Michael Koval, PhD. For overview slides about the core please see here.

A primary goal of the Experimental Models Support Core within the CF@LANTA RDP Center is to develop a pipeline for the archiving and distribution of primary airway cells from patients at Emory/Children’s through collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Research Core. The Clinical and Translational Core has a registry of over 600 patients who have volunteered to participate in clinically oriented studies by participating in the PortCF database exhibiting 127 unique CF genotypes. 

A major focus of the Experimental Models Support Core is the acquisition and banking of nasal airway cells obtained through nasal scrapes/brushings in collaboration with colleagues in the Pediatric ENT Division. Obtaining nasal epithelial cells from CF patients and volunteer controls offers the advantage of being relatively non-invasive and provides an in vitro correlate for patients with diverse genotypes that has potential utility for drug screening. In addition to nasal epithelia, the Experimental Models Support Core also performs a comparable role in obtaining and banking lung airway epithelia from organ transplant tissue.

To complement primary cell models, the Experimental Models Support Core also provides investigators with telomerase-immortalized human lung airway cells representing normal and delF508-CFTR homozygous patients (Molina, et al., AJP Lung 2015, 309:L475-487). These provide an easily manipulated cell system that faithfully recapitulates key physiologic elements of primary airway cells.

In addition to acquiring, banking and distributing cell models, the Experimental Models Support Core characterizes these cells using several markers for cell phenotype and electrophysiological  function, to provide a fully curated airway cell resource.

Services include providing airway cells at an air/liquid interface in either Snapwell or Transwell formats. Airway cell spheroids suspended in Matrigel are also available. Frozen cell stock vials are provided depending on availability.

The Experimental Models Support Core also provides expertise and guidance in the use and characterization of these systems. For CF researchers we offer up to 10 hours of fully-subsidized consultation.

To learn about genotypes available in this core, please view the order form. New genotypes added montly, please contact Mike Koval, PhD for the latest additions. To request patient samples, please fill out this form and return to the EMSC Staff.

Pricing is based on resources used to maintain and derive the samples, please contact Mike Koval, PhD for questions.

Prices are listed below. For non-academic pricing contact Mike Koval, PhD.

  • Transwell Plate
    • Academic: $159
    • Non-academic: $239
  • Emory-ALI Differentiation Medium, 250 mL - $50 ($75 non-academic)
  • 2% Ultroser G Differentiation Medium, 250 mL - $55
  • Bronchial Epithelial Growth Medium (UNC), 500 mL - $65 ($97.50 non-academic)

To order please complete the order form and send it to Mike Koval, PhD.

To request patient samples, please fill out this form and return to the EMSC Staff