CF Scholars Program

The CF Scholars Program is headed by directors Joanna Goldberg, PhD and Rachel Linnemann, MD. The CF Scholars Program, supported by institutional funds, recruits the brightest and best pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows (both PhD and MD) in order to educate and mentor them to become preeminent CF researchers. The program includes in-depth and frequent interactions between CF clinicians and CF scientists so the trainee will be educated on the important role each plays in the lives of the CF patient and their family.

A new round of CF Scholar programing is starting in 2019. Please contact Drs. Goldberg and Linnemann for questions.

The CF Scholars Executive Committee

  • Joanna Goldberg, PhD, Co-Director, Microbiology CF Researcher
  • Rachel Linnemann, MD, Co-Director, CF Clinician Scientist & Associate Director, Pediatric CF program
  • Arlene Stecenko, MD, CF Clinician Scientist & CF Care Center Director
  • Randy Hunt, MD, CF Clinician Scientist & Director, Adult CF program
  • Jessica Alverez, PhD, Nutrition and Metabolism CF Researcher
  • Joshua Chandler, PhD, Metabolomics and Redox CF Researcher
  • Sheel Shah, MD, 3rd Year Pediatric Pulmonary fellow