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2016 Emory Department of Pediatrics Annual Award Winners

Teacher of the Year—General Pediatrics: Lynn Gardner, MD, General Pediatrics

Teacher of the Year—Subspecialty Pediatrics: Peter Lane, MD, Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

Lifetime Teaching Award: Joseph Snitzer, MD, Hospitalist

Innovations in Teaching Program Development: Samuel Fernandez-Carriba, JD, PhD, Marcus Autism Center
Cognitively-Based Compassion Training (CBCT) for parents of children with autism and Marcus Autism Center staff

Joe Snitzer Master Clinician—Excellence in Clinical Expertise and Judgment: Angel Cuadrado, MD, Sibley Heart Center

Innovations in Clinical Program Development: Nitika Gupta, MD, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
Children’s-Emory Combined Young Adult Liver Transplant Clinic

Humanitarian Award for Compassionate and Patient/Family-Centered Care: William Sexson, MD, Neonatology

Research Mentor: Parminder Suchdev, MD, Hospitalist

Junior Faculty Researcher: Anita McElroy, MD, PhD, Infectious Disease

Teaching Mentor: Christopher Petit, MD, Sibley Heart Center

Career Development Mentor: Cynthia Wetmore, MD, PhD, Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

Best Scientific Publication—Basic Science: Cheng-Kui Qu, MD, PhD, Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
“Gain-of-function mutations of Ptpn11 (Shp2) cause aberrant mitosis and increase susceptibility to DNA damage-induced malignancies.” Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Jan 26

Best Scientific Publication—Clinical/Translational: Ravi Patel, MD, Neonatology
“Association of Red Blood Cell Transfusion, Anemia, and Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants” JAMA, March 2016

George Brumley Leadership Award: James Fortenberry, MD, Critical Care

Chair’s Award for Service to the Department: Pam Coltrane, Human Resources Director