Core Report

The spot for news fromt he cores of the Pediatric Research Alliance!

Spring 2017 is the latest edition!

Spring 2017

  • Core Profile: Biomarkers Core
    • Dawson Lab working with the Biomarkers Core
    • De Grauw and Kuan Labs working with the Biomarkers Core
  • Staff Profile: Ming Shen
  • Instrument Profile: Lattice Light Sheet (ICI)
  • ICI Pilot and Flow Core Mini-Pilot Awardees
  • Publication Profile: Wei Deng, PhD
  • Contact Information

Fall 2016

The inaugural Core Report!

  • Meet the Animal Physiology Core Director: Joshua Maxwell, PhD
  • Core Profile: Biorepository
  • Joshua Chandler Using the CF Discovery Core
  • Instrument Profile: Amnis ImageStream
  • ICI Event Flyer
  • Contact Information