Flow Cytometry Core


Pediatric Flow Cytometry Core provides cytometry services for the analysis and sorting of cells as well as expert consultation for experimental design and planning. The Flow Cytometry Core offers access to several state of the art analytical flow cytometers as well as high-speed cell sorting. Training and technical expertise is available to enable our users to improve the quality and scope of their research. Contact Aaron Rae for questions and to set up training. The Flow Cytometry Core also offers immunological-based assay services, please contact core director David Archer for questions.

Flow Cytometry Core Equipment

  •  BD FACS Canto II Flow Cytometer - Lab E-362, HSRB
  •  BD LSRII Flow Cytometer - Lab E-362, HSRB
  •  BD LSRII Flow Cytometer - Lab E-362, HSRB
  •  BD FACS Aria II Cell Sorter - Lab E-362A, HSRB
  •  Imagestream X Mark II - Lab E-362, HSRB
  •  BD FACS Jazz Cell Sorter (Bio-containment Hood) - Lab E-362B, HSRB
  •  Miltenyi AutoMACS Pro - Lab E-362, HSRB
  •  Luminex 100/200 Analyzer - Lab E-362, HSRB
  •  CTL-ImmunoSpot-S6 Micro Analyzer (ELISPOT Reader) - E-480, HSRB

Operator-assisted cell sorting is available on a FACS Aria II and FACS Jazz Cell Sorters as well as operator-assisted use of the Luminex. Cell enrichment can also be performed on the AutoMACS Pro for magnetic cell separation. For all other instruments users can be trained to use the core equipment.

The core is located in E-362 in the Heath Science Research Building and is accessible to researchers 24/7 by keycard.

Citing the Flow Cytometry Core

All abstracts, publications, grant proposals, and other related documents made possible through the use of this core must cite “Emory+Children’s Pediatric Research Center Flow Cytometry Core” in the acknowledgements section of the manuscript.

Key Contacts

  • David Archer, PhD

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Aaron Rae

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