Center for Cardiovascular Biology (CCB)

Research Focus

• Our program in Pediatric Cardiovascular research has several major interrelated components, some of which are more “mature” in the sense of having established extramural funding and some of which are more recent in origin.

• Our program in cardiac development has been established since 1987 and has grown from the NIH grant support for Dr. Joyner to now being directed by Drs. Mary Wagner and Paul Kirshbom (with NIH R01 support) and with Dr. Guoliang Ding as a second investigator.

• Our program in cardiac imaging is directed by Dr. Marijn Brummer (with NIH R01 support) and has been operational since 2006.

• Our program in cardiac failure is directed by Dr. Yanggan Wang (with current NIH R21 and a new NIH R01 grant beginning September 2009) was started in 2007.

• We have newly established programs in genetic determinations of cardiac outcomes (Dr. Paul Kirshbom) and cardiac neuroprotection (Drs. Bill Mahle and Shannon Hamrick)

Key Contacts

  • Michael E. Davis, PhD, FAHA

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  • Mary Wagner, PhD

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  • Kristen Herzegh, MPH

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