HeRO Seminar: Vahid Serpooshan, PhD 5/23/17

Location: Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB) Auditorium with videoconferencing to Georgia Tech, Whitaker, Room 1103

Lunch will be provided at 11:30am in the HSRB Cafe.  The seminar will begin at noon.  Videoconferencing to Georgia Tech, Whitaker, Room 1103   

Vahid Serpooshan, PhD, is currently an NIH K99 Fellow-Instructor at the Stanford University Cardiovascular Institute. He has a multidisciplinary training-research background in materials science and engineering (BSc-MSc, Sharif University, Iran), stem cell-biomaterial interactions in bone tissue engineering (PhD, McGill University, Canada), and cardiac development, tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting (Stanford University).  At Stanford, Dr. Serpooshan recently developed a novel bioengineered cardiac patch system to promote cardiac tissue repair. He investigated how the patch-assisted delivery of therapeutic factors (follistatin-like 1) can be used to enhance myocardial regeneration through an interplay with the native cardiac cells (Nature 2015). As an Instructor in the Stanford CVI, his research now concentrates on utilizing 3D bioprinting to create hiPSC-derived functional cardiac constructs to serve as both tissue-bioreactors in vitro and tissue engineering grafts in vivo. He is also working on optimizing the vasculature design parameters to achieve enhanced cardiac function in printed tissues. Dr. Serpooshan’s research at Stanford has been awarded by the NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00), NIH Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium Hub Site and Jump Start Awards, Oak Foundation Cardiovascular Award, Stanford CVI’s Young Investigator and Seed Grant, and European Molecular Biology Organization Fellowship. His main publications include Nature, Cell Stem Cell, Circulation Research, Biomaterials, Adv. Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Nanoscale, Scientific Reports, and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine. In this talk, Dr. Serpooshan will present a comprehensive overview of his ongoing research in two major areas:  3D bioprinting-based tissue engineering and design of smart nano-biomaterials.

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