Epilepsy Focus Dinner 9/27/17

Location: Egleston Classrooms 5-7

David W. Loring, PhD - “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test:  Reasons to Worry About a Bad Valproate Experience”
Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine

Ton de Grauw, MD, PhD – “Valproic Acid is not Going Away Anytime Soon”
Director of Pediatric Neurology
Department of Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine


September 27, 2017

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Egleston Classrooms 5-7

"Epilepsy Focus" is a monthly meeting to encourage collaborations among all persons interested in epilepsy at Emory Univeristy. We largely consist of clinicians (both pediatric and adult epileptologists), neurosurgeons (both pediatric and adult), nueroradiologists (both pediatric and adult) as well as scientists from diverse disciplines including Epidemiology, Human Genetics, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience and Pharmacology. Learners of all levels - principal investigators, attendings, RNs, APNs, fellows, residents, postdoctoral fellows, research specialists and students - are welcome to join us. Each evening (6:00pm-7:30pm) will feature two, twenty minute presentations, ideally one clinical and one basic science, either an original work or a critical review of a published article. From time to time, we will have an invited speaker. We expect 30-50 people to gather over a buffet dinner to have friendly and informal round table discussions.

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