3/8/17 Dr. Scott Hollister Seminar and Meet & Greet

Location: Health Sciences Research Building Auditorium and Cafe Area

Dr. Scott Hollister to present a seminar from 3 to 4 pm followed by a Meet and Greet from 4 to 5 pm

“3D Printing in Pediatric Surgery and Medicine: Surgical Planning, Custom Devices and Regenerative Medicine”

Abstract:  3D printing combined with patient specific design has enormous potential to address challenges in pediatric surgery and medicine, from patient specific models for procedure planning to custom implants and devices to platforms for regenerative medicine.  The paradigm uses patient image data to develop patient specific digital models for designs that can be 3D printed using a variety of technologies.  Example applications in surgical planning, patient specific CPAP masks for children with craniofacial anomalies to implantable device for airway reconstruction will be highlighted. Finally, the potential to use 3D printed patient specific scaffolds for regenerative medicine applications in pediatrics will be discussed with initial results in pre-clinical models.

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