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Non/Minimally-Invasive Methods to Measure Biochem Substances ...—upcoming

Deadline: October 05, 2017

Amount: Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project. Maximum project period is 5 years.


Bioengineering Research Partnership (BRP): Non- or Minimally-Invasive Methods to Measure Biochemical Substances during Neonatal and Perinatal Patient Care and Research (R01)

The primary purpose of this initiative is to stimulate basic and translational research by bioengineering and biomedical scientists in collaboration to develop advanced, non- or minimally invasive methods for rapid measurement and monitoring of biochemical substances during the care of perinatal (pregnant women and newborn infants) and pediatric patient populations. The methods should provide reliable measurements of commonly assessed biochemical substances helping maternal and neonatal patient care, including neonatal intensive care. The primary aim of this line of research is to develop approaches to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort associated with obtaining blood or other products for clinical care and research in perinatal, neonatal, and pediatric patient populations.

The second objective of the initiative is to invite the bioengineering and biomedical scientists to develop lab-on-a-chip methods to measure biomarkers that could be applied for diagnostic and prognostic purposes during perinatal patient care and in clinical and translational research studies. The patient populations in which these can be used are pregnant and lactating women, newborn infants, and children of all ages.


  • NICHD is the participating organization for this FOA
  • The goal for a Bioengineering Research Partnership (BRP) is to drive the development and speed the adoption of promising tools and technologies that can address important biomedical research problems for which there is a scarcity of solutions. The use of engineering principles is encouraged to establish these tools and technologies as robust, well-characterized solutions that fulfill an unmet need. A synergistic partnership between the engineering, and biomedical professions is required, where the unique skills of each discipline combine to enhance our understanding of life science processes or the practice of medicine.


FOA expires January 8, 2018

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