Bringing In The Research Dollars! (BiRD)

Formative and Pilot Intervention Research for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS (R34)—upcoming

Deadline: September 07, 2018

Amount: Direct costs are limited to $450,000 over the entire project period, with no more than $225,000 in direct costs in any single year.


This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages formative research, intervention development, and pilot-testing of interventions. Primary scientific areas of focus include the feasibility, tolerability, acceptability and safety of novel or adapted interventions that target HIV prevention or treatment. For the purposes of this FOA, “intervention” is defined to include behavioral, social, or structural approaches, as well as combination biomedical and behavioral, social, or structural approaches that prevent acquisition and transmission of HIV infection, or improve clinical outcomes for persons who are HIV infected, or both.


  • Clinical trial optional
  • This award may include
    1. the development and/or pilot testing of interventions, including formative mixed-methods research
    2. the adaptation and/or pilot testing of interventions with demonstrated efficacy for use in broader scale effectiveness trials
    3. innovative implementation science and services research
  • Collection of preliminary data regarding feasibility, acceptability, safety, tolerability, and target outcomes is appropriate.
  • Given the intended pilot nature of the R34 mechanism, conducting formal tests of clinical outcomes or attempting to obtain an estimate of an effect size is often not justified.
  • Applicants are encouraged to use the R34 mechanism to address research priorities of the Division of AIDS Research.
  • This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages researchers to utilize a developmental perspective that addresses the substantial changes that occur across the lifespan (from infancy through older adulthood) that are associated with HIV prevention and treatment challenges.

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