Bringing In The Research Dollars! (BiRD)

Focused Technology Research and Development (R01)

Deadline: Standard NIH Deadlines

Amount: Application budgets are not limited but need to reflect the actual needs of the proposed project. Maximum period is 4 years.


This NIH-NIGMS initiative will support projects that focus solely on development of technologies with the potential to enable biomedical research. Projects should be justified in terms of potential biomedical impact, but should not include any application to specific biomedical research questions.

Proof of principle for the technology will have already been shown, but there will still be significant fundamental technical challenges. Applications should include preliminary data.

The products of this research will be functioning prototype instruments, methods, synthetic approaches, etc., characterized adequately to be ready for first application to the type of biomedical research questions that provided the rationale for their development.


Defining Characteristics of Exploratory Research for Technology Development

  • Projects should be justified on the basis of a strong potential to advance biomedical research if successful. This rationale should justify the investment of resources in the proposed technology in terms of its potential as an enabling tool for research. The rationale should be broad. Technologies specific to a single organism, system, or disease are not appropriate for this FOA.
  • Project aims should focus on specific technical challenges associated with the early stage development of a technology with the potential to enable biomedical research. Well characterized biological systems and standard chemical compounds and mixtures are appropriate as model systems to evaluate and demonstrate performance of the technology. Project aims should be closely associated with technical milestones that represent meaningful figures of merit for the performance of the technology.
  • Feasibility of a project should be supported by preliminary data. Projects may still include substantial elements of risk. Projects focused on proof-of-principle studies, without preliminary data, should be submitted under the Exploratory Research for Technology Development program.
  • Projects should be focused on technical questions regarding the development of a novel research tool. Projects sufficiently mature to include application to biomedical research problems are inappropriate for this program and should be submitted under the Parent R01 FOA (PA-16-160).
  • Companion funding opportunity: NIGMS PAR-17-046 (R21)

Please refer to the full FOA for full details of allowable projects for submission. For the purpose of this FOA, technology refers to tools that enable research. This includes laboratory instruments and other devices, algorithms and software, chemical reagents and processes by which biomedically related molecules are produced and modified, and the manipulation of biological systems to produce or become research tools.

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