Bringing In The Research Dollars! (BiRD)

Emory Medicine Bridge Funding Program - all deadlines

Deadline: Recurring Deadlines: April 15 and Dec 15

Amount: Up to $100,000 (includes departmental match) or up to 50% of the last year’s direct costs, whichever is lower. Cannot be used for faculty salary support of the PI.


To assist investigators who have temporarily lost significant federal research funding, and to facilitate carefully planned changes. Eligibility criteria include bridging, need and demonstrated potential.

Bridge funds cannot be used for faculty salary support of the PI(s).

Eligibility Critieria

  • BRIDGING: A previous award must be demonstrated. This would include:
    • For the most part, these awards will be given to projects seeking RO1 levels of funding, but other types of applications could be considered.
    • New unfunded federal applications that substitute for an “existing” research award.
  • NEED: Eligible applicants must have less than $500,000 in current total annual direct extramural and intramural funds (discretionary, start up, SaLaD, etc.). Individuals with start-up funds remaining in excess of $100,000 are not eligible.
  • POTENTIAL: The competitive renewal should typically have been discussed and scored if an NIH application, or received excellent or equivalent ratings from NSF or other federal applications. Proposals that have been triaged are not eligible for review.

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